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Welcome to our #GucciCommunity

Generating positive change for people and our planet together!

We look at the world around us in a holistic way and believe that it is our duty to be sustainable, responsible, and accountable in everything we do. What we stand for and how we act towards one another is at the very core of who we are. All of this is part of Gucci Equilibrium, our commitment to generate positive change for people and our planet. Powered by creativity and collaboration, we are reducing our environmental impact and protecting nature, while also prioritizing inclusivity and respect, so that everyone in our global #GucciCommunity is free to express their authentic, diverse selves. Building on momentum from our 100th anniversary, Gucci Equilibrium unifies the brand’s principles and actions to treat our world and each other better, for our collective future.

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About Gucci Community Impact Portal

Welcome to Gucci Impact Portal - a place to foster unity through community actions, a place to create lasting impact through our company-led initiatives, a place for our #GucciCommunity to join forces and generate a positive impact. Help us change the world!

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