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Creating Collaborative Art in Vulnerable Communities to Promote Positive Social Change

Support creativity, healing & inclusion in distressed communities through community art projects

About this Giving Opportunity

Artolution is a non-profit organization (501c3) that seeks to strengthen communities in crisis through collaborative art-making. Our core programs are in refugee camps for Syrians in Jordan, South Sudanese in Uganda and the Rohingya in Bangladesh, as well as in vulnerable communities in Colombia, the United States and beyond, reaching more than 6,000 youth annually.

Artolution is focused on developing local leaders in the arts to use collaborative art-making as a tool for communities to explain their experiences to the world. In this way, they communicate the importance of inclusion, healing, resilience and the critical role arts-based programming has on reclaiming the agency to shape their own story.

Since 2018, Gucci and CHIME FOR CHANGE have partnered with Artolution to collaborate on interactive arts projects in countries worldwide – including Jordan, Bangladesh, Uganda and Colombia – to promote reconciliation, healing and inclusion among women, children and families from diverse communities around the world, including refugees, street youth, incarcerated people, people with physical and mental disabilities, and young people living in areas of violent conflict or extreme poverty.

According to local Artolution artists, refugee communities are calling for public safety messaging that could save lives within their communities by promoting awareness and prevention of COVID-19. Additionally, during lockdown, women and children have experienced more isolation; their safety and health needs have heightened as household tensions and violence rapidly increase.

Artolution can provide a safe means for communities to have dialogue surrounding their lives and issues in light of COVID-19. Whether in-person (following appropriate safety measures) or through digital meetings, large-scale mural creations bring these issues to life and can live on in their local communities in order to amplify public safety messaging for those they love most.

Artolution projects can strengthen community activities to disseminate continued messaging that promotes the rights of women and girls around issues such as: 

  • Mitigating household tensions and conflict heightened by COVID-19 hardships
  • The increased domestic burden and household responsibilities and the effects on local women
  • Greater risks of gender-based violence faced by women, girls, and those with disabilities
  • The threat of harmful practices such as early and forced marriages due to limited movement and further confinement

Collaborative art-making projects facilitated by Artolution can empower women to lead in their communities by providing capacity-building training and opportunities that promote the livelihoods of women through art education and becoming advocates of important issues within their lives.

Artolution-trained artists enable their communities to experience creative programs that promote healing and resilience for children and families through:

  • Collaborative mural painting
  • Community performance
  • Foundstrument Soundstrument (recycled musical sculpture)
  • Virtual Bridges (Cross-cultural exchange using art and technology)
  • A variety of mediums including dance, theatre, graffiti, screen-printing, yoga, meditation and more


“Art has created a lot of change in our community, most especially in our younger youth. Improvement in creativity, youth better adapting to their environment, enabled the participants to become good leaders (in their communities), advocates for social change, and protection in their adolescence.”           

- Miriam Adaru, South Sudanese Refugee & Artolution Teaching Artis

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