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D.i.Re was born to build a national political action that, starting from the experience gained in the different local realities, promotes actions aimed at triggering a cultural change in the transformation of Italian society towards the phenomenon of male violence against women. Donne in Rete contro la violenza (D.i.Re) - Italian Women's Network Against Violence - is an Italian network of independent Women's Shelters and Women's Centres managed by women's associations to promote the prevention of violence against women and to provide counseling and support services to women victims of violence. D.i.Re coordinates and promotes activities to change cultural and societal attitudes about violence against women in Italy. These activities aim to challenge dominant patriarchal notions of family and society, gender and sexuality, and other dominant cultural values and power inequalities that exist in Italian society.

Established on September 29, 2008, D.i.Re Donne in Rete contro la violenza is the first Italian association of non-institutional anti-violence centers managed by women's organizations.

D.i.Re represents 82 organizations that manage over 100 anti-violence centers and dozens of shelter houses throughout the Italian territory. D.i.Re works with the aim of constructing national actions to combat the phenomenon of gender-based violence and promoting the elimination of violence against ... Read More

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